Our Commitment to the Pre-Seed and Seed Stages

Our mission is to provide more to founders than any other venture firm.

More transparency. More network. More time. More speed.

We do not want to be the first call when a company raises a Seed or Series A round. We want to be the first call before founders even think about leaving their jobs to start the companies we ultimately back.

We feel strongly that entrepreneurs should have a team to call on the moment they raise their first dollar of capital. Despite what people read on Twitter, it is not easy to raise money from family and friends or from local angels. It is extremely difficult in fact. The odds are also against you should you pursue YC or TechStars.

This fundraising friction stifles innovation. Where it hits the most are markets outside of Silicon Valley, where there are few angel investors and far less appetite for risk.

When we started FUSE, we dedicated ourselves to accelerating business value creation in the Pacific Northwest. With that, there needs to be continuous augmentation of the most foundational base: capital at the Pre-Seed and Seed stages.

We wanted to share our commitment to support the ambitious founders who are just getting going. Every year, we will invest $10M in Pre-Seed and Seed stage businesses. Investments will start from $250K but could be as high as $3M.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are just getting going on your new venture, please reach out to us at seed@fuse.vc.